Ottawa Valley Wood Hits the Trade Show Circuit

Updated: 10 years ago - Created: October 16th, 2012
The Fall Cottage Life Show has quietly established itself as one of Canada’s largest showcases of cottage builders and building supplies. The Cottage Life Shows offer the unique added benefit of reaching a
highly-affluent audience (approximately 17,000) that owns not just one, but two homes. The Fall show provides the perfect opportunity to reach people planning next year’s renovation or new build. It has become the fall show for: cottage builders, contractors, architects and designers; building products and services, from foundations to roofing, and everything in between; heating, water, septic solutions, composting toilets and alternative energy, and much more!
Attendees enjoy active outdoor lifestyles, and the Fall Cottage Life Show gives you a great opportunity to reach this market while summer’s outdoor memories are still vibrant. Attendees to the Fall Cottage Life Show arrive prepared to shop and plan, and the show’s timing provides an excellent opportunity for year-end clearance of seasonal goods, while offering the first opportunity to reach buyers in planning mode, before the busy spring sales season. The Fall Cottage Life Show will have dedicated feature content designed to help cottagers maximize their outdoor enjoyment year-round, with great recreational ideas from Cottage Life, Outdoor Canada, and explore magazines.
A one-day educational event on wood products and construction, the Wood Solutions Fairs focus on wood products and their use in construction. Suppliers and technical experts are on hand to answer your questions about wood. The attendees are able to apply "on the job" what they’ve learned from the seminars and the information they will take with them. The trade fair allows those in the wood industry to communicate why wood is a good choice for the attendees to consider in their latest project(s).
What you will see:
· Informative seminars solely dedicated to wood products
· Technical information from suppliers, manufacturers, wood engineering consultants and industry associations
· The full range of structural wood products and finishing wood products
· Exhibits totally devoted to wood products
· Consultation with wood industry experts
Attendees include: Architects, Engineers - Structural and Civil, Builders, Building Designers, Building Officials, Construction Technologists, Students, Professors


Industry representatives/companies are invited to work in the County of Renfrew booth to assist with promotion of Ottawa Valley Wood as a best choice for wood-based projects. Representatives must follow proper trade show etiquette and adhere to the County’s trade show code of conduct when representing the County of Renfrew.
All travel and accommodation costs are the responsibility of the volunteer/company.
New for 2012: A select number of wood-based companies will be able to have a portion of the floor/booth space to display their product(s) to the attendees at a very low cost. Costs will depend on the number of companies involved and the amount of allowable space. Refer to pages 3-4 for the volunteer opportunities and available shifts. Volunteers are subject to County of Renfrew approval.
Industry representatives/companies are provided with an opportunity to have brochures distributed at these trade shows attended by the County of Renfrew at no cost. Refer to pages 2-4 for brochure distribution opportunities and the associated costs and quantities.
Brochures must be received at the County of Renfrew Development and Property offices by Friday, October 12, 2012