Ottawa Valley Wood at the Fall Cottage Life Show

Updated: 9 years ago - Created: October 31st, 2012
<b>Ottawa Valley Wood Booth</b><b>Cedar Grilling Plank</b>
County of Renfrew staff spent a few days promoting Ottawa Valley Wood at the Fall Cottage Life show last week. From October 26 to 28 at the International Centre in Toronto, staff answered questions and shared information with hundreds of show attendees and other exhibitors.
The online wood directory was very well received, with many folks noting that the resource would make it easier for them to source wood from sustainably managed forests in Central Ontario. Many participants cottage near or in the Ottawa Valley and remarked that they would check out the website for an upcoming renovation or decorating project. 

Cedar grilling planks made from local eastern white cedar by Steffie’s Grill Wood ( were on hand to help spread the word about the many different wood products available in the Ottawa Valley.