Find out the what, how and why of buying local wood in the Ottawa Valley.

Updated: 8 years ago - Created: October 28th, 2013
Hot off of the presses, this promotional video highlights the how, what and why of Ottawa Valley Wood. We plan to use this on the website (, through social media and at trade shows and conferences, and encourage you to do the same.  Our first test of a public audience will be at Naturallia this week in Sault Ste. Marie then at the Wood Solutions Fair on November 12th in Toronto.
As always, we welcome your feedback on the video and suggestions for ways to promote local wood producers in the future. The video was produced by Matt LeMay and his crew.  Everyone is free to use the video to promote forestry and added-value wood products activity in your particular area. 
This project has been a collaboration between the Economic Development and Forestry divisions at the County of Renfrew, with some great financial assistance from Community Futures Development Corporation serving Renfrew County.  It was an Eastern Ontario Development Program funded initiative; a program from Fed Dev Ontario.