About Ottawa Valley Wood

Updated: 12 years ago - Created: September 14th, 2012

Ottawa Valley Wood is a networking site for both consumers and producers alike. The directory will enable linkages in order for people to make local buying decisions. Contact the County of Renfrew (ovedinfo@countyofrenfrew.on.ca) for more information.

Company Overview

The County of Renfrew is the largest county in Ontario at over 7,600 square kilometres and with a population of just over 105,000 people.

Mission & Goals

The goal of this new and innovative project is to maximize and create new marketing opportunities for many local timber and lumber industries that have been relatively hard hit over the last five years due to a drop in global demand and the economic recession that began in 2009 and still has lingering effects.

Why Use Wood?

Canada is a global leader in sustainable forest management. Customers and consumers alike can be assured that the forest products coming from Canada meet to their fullest the five key principles of being a responsible source.

Ontario Wood Program

The County of Renfrew is proud to be a licensee of the Ontario Wood program. Ontario Wood is an educational and consumer promotion initiative of the Ministry of Natural Resources. Working in partnership with Ontario’s wood products producers, Ontario Wood is designed to encourage Ontarians to think about the benefits of “buying local” wood products.