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Wood Products for Sale to the Public
Looking for a way to spend more time in the great outdoors but not a big fan of spending the night in a tent? Look no further. The “glamping” phenomenon that has changed the way Europeans spend time in nature has arrived in Canada. Craig Kelley, founder of the Algonquin Pod Company in Barry’s Bay, is building Pods that can serve as a bunkie, fishing hut, hunt camp, and the perfect home away from home for camping in any season.  The pod is a stationary camping site made completely of wood, so you have a solid roof over your head, a floor with a mattress to sleep on, a secure door and electricity. Sleeping in the pod gives you the best of both worlds: Mother Nature stays on the outside, but you are only a few steps away.
The Algonquin Pod Company was established in Spring 2012, as a direct result of wanting to combine the joy of camping with an eco-friendly, Ottawa Valley based wood initiative.    The results of research for that "perfect" idea had Kelley pursue North American rights to a UK/worldwide design known as "The Pod". Highly successful in Europe, Pod Camping is a new thing for North America and the Algonquin Pod Company wanted to capture it. As Kelley puts it, “the theory is, like a Big Mac, camping in the pod units wherever you go in the world should provide the same experience. As such, we are working with campgrounds and new site owners to determine who has the same vision for the future of "Glamping" (glamourous camping). The hope is to allow sites to have longer seasons and provide more income/jobs to their areas.” International marketing efforts are included with each purchase.
The Algonquin Pod Company sources all of their wood (cedar & pine) from local mills that use sustainable practices in the Ottawa Valley.   This is a conscious decision that the company makes, as Kelley points out, “Buying and sourcing local provides a unique experience to learn from foresters and lumbermen/women. To hand-pick some of the best pieces of wood that we can find then pass along the quality to our customers is extremely important, especially at our price point. To blindly purchase wood from any or by any other means would not be personal enough for us.”
You can contact the Algonquin Pod Company directly through their website (, or at the contact information below. Each job is quoted individually and the podcan be built to fit your needs and specifications.
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-          Pre-fabricate camping units

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