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Mike Milgram - Valley Artisans Co-OpMike Milgram - Valley Artisans Co-OpMike Milgram - Valley Artisans Co-OpMike Milgram - Valley Artisans Co-Op


33373 Highway 17 West
Deep River, Ontario, Canada


Phone: 613.584.4483

Wood Products for Sale to the Public

Mike Milgram is an artisan who started his woodworking career about 20 years ago with the construction of his house.  He gradually moved on to furniture as a hobby, mostly for his own use but eventually for sale in the Valley Artisan’s Co-op in Deep River.

Mike comes by his wood mostly by those who know his love of a nice burl or piece of bird’s eye maple usually rescued from a firewood pile and has a unique collection of pieces destined to be works of art.

Mike’s signature is dove-tail joinery and maintaining the rough, barked edges of boards to incorporate into furniture.  It takes extra care to maintain this feature but the unique finished products are one-of-a-kind.  Mike builds coffee tables, cabinets, benches and other furniture but also smaller items such as wooden trays, clocks and clipboards.

You can request something special from Mike by contacting him directly or purchase one of his already-made items through the Valley Artisan’s Co-op store in Deep River (33373 Highway 17 West).  Stop by the Co-op to see some of Mike’s pieces on display.

Products available as they are made:

  • Furniture
  • Burl art (clocks, tables, etc)
  • Clipboards
  • Wooden trays

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