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453 Bourne Road
Pembroke, Ontario, Canada
K8A 6W8


Phone: 613.735.5916

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Tim Schwan’s father started a custom sawmill in 1972, which operated until Tim purchased the mill in 1992. He carried on the lumber business until 2002 when he saw a market opportunity and switched his focus to shingles.  Tim purchased a 120+ year old shingle mill and after some re-working, started producing shingles of consistent quality.

Tim stocks shingles made mostly from local eastern white cedar.  He also works with red oak or pine as requested.  By default, Tim also installs the shingles, in a manner that is crucial to ensuring the life-expectancy of cedar – 60 to 80 years.

Tim stands by cedar shingles because of their many characteristics that make them superior in quality to asphalt or steel. They are more wind-resistant, durable, impact resistant, light-weight and cost-effective over the long term – and from a natural, renewable resource.  Since undertaking the milling of cedar shingles, Schwan has expanded his business to deliver an impressive number of value-added cedar products.

Tim is set up in Alice, just outside of Pembroke, at 453 Borne Road. He has a website with pricing and product information. You can buy directly from him by calling (613-735-5916) or emailing (  Some local hardware stores stock Schwan shingles, including Renfrew Home Hardware, Burnstown Castle, Reiche’s Castle and Rossow Home Hardware.

Be sure to check out Schwan Cedar's details product list online at  Detailed info, barbeque ideas and pricing for grilling products can be found online at

Available Products:

  • Cedar shingles in stock (also installation and required installation materials)
  • Pine and Oak shingles to order
  • Cedar cupola
  • Pre-cut gazebos (self-assembly or installed)
  • Cedar kindling (in volume)
  • Garden stakes
  • Cedar grilling planks and chips for the BBQ
  • Barn board
  • Cedar shavings for animal bedding or green-bin lining
  • Eastern White Cedar Shingle Panels

You have to support your neighbour.  If you don’t, he won’t be there to support you.”
– Tim Schwan on the importance of buying local wood products.

Check out a video of Schwan Cedar in action HERE!

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