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Wood Products for Sale to the Public

Marcel Dionne and Nicole Picotte of Combermere started Imagine Wood in 1999 and have since designed their own line of kitchen utensils, each handcrafted from bird’s eye maple.  Sugar maple (also known as hard or rock maple) has natural anti-bacterial properties and isn’t stained by food. 

The amount of design, consideration and craftsmanship that go into each utensil is astounding; they are meant to be used daily and to maximize functionality but are works of art in and of themselves.  Mixing spoons, spatulas, tongs and pizza cutters are just some of the products Marcel makes – each hand crafted with care.  Marcel also makes cutting boards and butcher blocks but his passion is specialty artwork. 

His customers come to him with a vision and he makes it a reality, entirely out of wood.  Marcel gets his wood from local mills, and the assurance of sustainability and quality is there – making kitchen utensils from a natural, renewable material free from chemical preservatives or dyes is something Marcel takes pride in. 

You can buy products from Imagine Wood online at, or call for information on how to find them in person at a trade show near you or at the site of their business.  The website also provides information on product care and videos on how to best use the utensils. 

Imagine Wood has travelled across the country to showcase their products and have made quite a name for themselves, winning numerous awards at shows. 

“Rock Maple is not only the healthy choice for us to use in our kitchens, but its use benefits the community as a whole” – Marcel Dionne on why using wood is important

Available Products (see Imagine Wood’s website for complete list and description):

  • Mixing utensils
  • Cooking tools (spatulas, spoons)
  • Serving spatulas and other specialized tools (coffee scoop, jam spoon, toaster tongs...)
  • Knives (standard and specialized: butter, icing, cheese, peanut butter, pizza cutter)
  • Tongs (pasta, frying, salad)
  • Left-handed tools
  • Cutting boards
  • Butcher blocks
  • Custom artwork

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